10 Moving Tips to Make Your Life Simpler

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Moving, ugh! Nobody enjoys it, but it is a necessary evil. Sadly it’s ranked as the 3rd most stressful life event behind death and divorce (yikes!). So we asked the best moving companies on Unpakt to share their top tips that’ll make packing and moving your things a lot easier, a little less taxing, and even sort of fun!

Pack For A Short Stay

Putting together a weekend bag filled with your essentials for several days is important. Throw in toothbrushes, clean clothes, medicines you might need and your laptop. This will make your first night in your new place as comfortable as possible. After moving, you’ll want to take a shower and change into new clothes. Since these items are already set aside, in your overnight you won’t have to hunt through boxes to find them.

See Clear

Put all the things you will need immediately in a clear plastic bin. Utensils, power outlet strips, phone chargers, toilet paper and tools for putting together your furniture. Packing this stuff in a clear tote makes it stand out from the dozens of other boxes and bins.

Get Color Organized

When purchasing your packing supplies, get several different colors of tape or sticky notes. Use the colors to code containers according to the room where they will go in your new place. For example, use blue tape on all boxes that go in the kitchen or green tape for all the boxes that go in the bathroom.

Sock It To Your Glassware

Save money on packing materials and protect your glasses and stemware by sliding each one into a clean sock.

Seal Up Potential Messes

Use plastic wrap to seal your toiletries by removing the cap, placing the plastic over the opening and putting caps back on. No goop in your moving boxes!

Pack In Place

When moving, the more things you can leave in their respective places, the less you’ll have to unpack later. Use your plastic wrap to seal over the tops of your dresser drawers, and leave the clothes in their normal place.

Bag It

Sandwich bags are invaluable tools for moving. When you take things apart, drop the hardware or screws into a sandwich bag. For further insurance, duct tape the bag to the piece it belongs to, or inside a box going to the same room.

Roll Your Reading Materials

Books and magazines are heavy, so make use of rolling luggage to move them easily

Snap Photos

Keep a camera or smartphone handy and use it to take quick shots of your electronics cords or the arrangement of photos on your walls. If you’re renting, you will also want to snap pictures of your current home after it is emptied out and cleaned.

Pack Closets In A Flash

Contractor trash bags are big and tough. They are perfect for taking everything out of your closet, hangers included. You can pack your entire closet in mere minutes by cutting a small hole in middle of the sealed end and then pulling the clothes (with the hangers still attached) up through the open end and then slipping the curved end of the hanger through hole at the top. Tada! Your closet is packed and your clothes are protected from dirt and dust.

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful, there are a lot of moving tips and tricks to help you safely move your belongings from A to B and get unpacked and settled into your new home before you need to move again.

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