3 Epic Star Wars Homes to Fuel Your Inner Nerd Envy

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Episode VII is upon us. The time is nigh, and the reviews are in. And guess what? It is absolutely not terrible. Some might even call it good. And by “some”, I mean “everybody” because that sucker is certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. How fresh? To the tune of the high 90th percentile fresh. There’s no hiding it anymore, friends. For all our fears of hype, being overrated, and – of course – having been burned before as fans,  a new Star Wars movie has finally arrived, and it rocks the proverbial socks. In celebration, and in anticipation of its Force fueled glory, we’re continuing Star Wars week by bringing you the top three Star Wars homes on the market.


The Death Star’s Bar

At over 75 miles in diameter with 357 levels separate levels, you just know that the moon sized space station, carefully branded as a Death Star by The Empire’s warm and fuzzy PR team, has at least a few cantinas spread around. Hell, the Enterprise has a bar, and that’s just one ship. My house has a bar, and I’m just one man. Not to be left out, a 5 million dollar mansion in Indiana is where you’ll find an extravagant mansion that sports luxuries like a 4,000 foot ballroom, a fully equipped gym, and – of course – a Star Wars inspired bar. If the Death Star had a watering hole, this would be it.

Appropriately tiled and painted to resemble the cold efficiency of an Imperial military base, the bar includes a giant neon outline of Han’s iconic DI-44 blaster pistol which always shoots first. A full sized statue of Darth Vadar watches ominously as he awaits his turn in pool. A storm trooper guards his flank, and the emperor himself oversees all from a painting on the wall that’d you’d easily mistake for a holo projection after a few too many cantina cocktails.


Your Inner Child’s Bedroom

This bedroom is only one part of a 15 million dollar mega mansion in Westlake Village just northwest of Los Angeles. The 5 bedroom/ 11 bath home sits on two acres of land, and comes with a game room, indoor basketball court, and a pool house. Its lavish rooms look like something out of Tony Stark’s digs, but its one bedroom in particular that caught our eye.  Behold the glory.

The room, which was clearly inspired by the doomed rebel base on Hoth with its snowy aesthetic and cavernous ceiling, is exactly the place you dreamed of when you were 9. Interestingly enough, the room works in almost vague, abstract way by leaning on certain familiar Star Wars shapes and patterns. Is that closet door half of a tie fighter wing? Is that bed meant to resemble a snow speeder or the head of a fearsome AT-AT? The answers don’t matter of course. Because it’s all awesome.


The Tatatooine Experience

Luke’s homestead on Tatatooine is iconic stuff even if it suffered the same unfortunate end as the owners who inhabited it. It’s a fascinating, unique blending of native desert architecture and sci-fi futurism that’s married in a way that only the original trilogies could have accomplished. Who wouldn’t want to spend a night there? You certainly would if you could. Well guess what? You can. And all it’s gonna cost you is about 62 bucks per night.


This entry is a bit of a cheat because it’s not actually explicitly a Star Wars house. But it certainly looks like one. And unlike the other homes on this list, you can actually experience it for yourself. The Bonita Domes are located in Joshua Tree, a breathtakingly beautiful national park East of Los Angeles. The sleeping pods provide “A natural, rustic-yet-luxurious style”, and come equipped with a full sized mattress, solar powered lights, and a storage area (or child’s sleeping cave).  You’ll also get to enjoy wireless internet, outdoor kitchen facilities complete with a range and all the necessary dishware, and a hotel experience that provides towels and bedding. It’s certainly worth the trip, and you won’t even have to worry about Tuskan Raider attacks.


The Battle Cruiser Bridge

Who among us hasn’t wanted to captain their very own star destroyer? Having a weaponized floating city at one’s disposal certainly lends itself to a wide array of exciting opportunities, but  unless you join the Navy, land a gig on an aircraft carrier, and work your way up the ranks, there’s very little hope for that dream becoming a reality. Luckily, the owner of this home wasn’t going to let that stop them which is why they constructed this truly epic, galaxy class home theater.


Visitors to the room are welcomed by a motorized sliding pocket door not unlike what you’d find on your favorite space bridge. 3D fiber optics on the ceiling create grand space skylights that run the length of the room.  Because the room is designed to never break the illusion of a space faring vessel, acoustic panels are disguised to look like window ports, and equipment racks are concealed behind rotating cabinets. Captains and deckhands are treated to a curved, anamorphic 107 inch display, and a state of the art sound system.  Though the recliner chairs might look more like something out of Star Trek than Star Wars, they certainly get the job done.