3 Quick Meal Solutions for the Tired New Homeowner

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So you finally moved into your new home. In a seemingly never-ending flurry of moving boxes, document signing, realtor hassles, and neck-tied bank people, you’ve completed your mission. You’re in there! At long last it’s just you, your new home, and your empty, barren kitchen cabinets.

If you’re like a lot of folks on the tail end of a move, you’ve been surviving on a steady diet of pizza and takeout containers. New homeowners have a lot on their plate, but food’s probably not one of them. Not to worry! Here are three quick meal ideas that require few simple ingredients and even less preparation. Pull out the pot or pan closest to the top of the box labeled “Kitchen Stuff” and make yourself an easy and delicious celebratory meal:

1) Shrimp with Tomato and Olives

All of these recipes will very much be a “by the seat of your pants” experience. You won’t find precise measurements and instructions here, because you don’t have time for that. Oh no. This is going to be a throw it in and make it happen affair. This shrimp recipe is the perfect example.

In your youth, you would have just boiled some pasta, dumped a jar of sauce on top, and been done with it. But you’re not in college anymore. You’re better than that. To celebrate the sophistication that has come with your age let’s cook some shrimp, dump a jar of sauce on top, and be done with it.

Cook yourself up a bed of rice (instant or otherwise) of whatever variety you enjoy the most. Grab some frozen or fresh shrimp from the local grocery store, and pan fry it in a little butter. You can use garlic butter if you’re feeling fancy. For a great balance of spices, simply use a shaker of “All Spice” or “Season All.” Now, drop in some green olives from a jar, then top it off with your favorite flavor of pre-made pasta sauce. Tomato and basil? Green pepper and Garlic? Go bonkers. The sky’s the limit. Serve the shrimp and sauce over rice, and fix yourself a side salad from one of those big ol’ bags of ready made stuff in the produce section.

2) Perfect Brunch Eggs

This one’s great for when you want to show off your new place to your friends. Invite them over for a brunch so they can see how classy you’ve become, and that meals like “brunch” are now firmly within your wheelhouse. All you need are eggs, English muffins, and a mini-muffin pan.

Step 1: Spray the pan with cooking spray then crack the eggs individually into each pan slot (a whoopie pie pan works the best). Step 2: Bake them for 8 to 10 minutes adding more or less time depending on if you want the yolks cooked all the way through or slightly runny. Step 3: Toast the English muffins. Step 4: Add an egg on top. Step 5: Impress the world.

You can toy around with this quite a bit. You could add a few cut strips of bacon or ham between the egg and the muffin. You could also try scrambling the eggs with a fork after you’ve poured them into the muffin slots, and add in such deliciousness as chunks of cheese or grape tomatoes. Either way, you’ve just won brunch forever.

3) Homemade Doughnuts

This kitchen hack is designed to blow minds every bit as much as it’s designed to clog arteries. But if occasional taste bud bliss at the expense of calorie intake sounds okay to you then you should definitely prepare (and immediately ravage) the following treat.

Here’s the deal. Grab a tin of refrigerated biscuits, and heat some vegetable oil in a pan. The instructions on the biscuits are going to tell you to preheat the oven, but you’re going to boldly defy those orders. Instead, take out the biscuits, cut a hole in them with the vegetable oil lid, then pan fry them until they’re a perfect, golden brown. It’ll only take a few minutes. Sprinkle some cinnamon and sugar on top. Prepare to be amazed. What you’ve made is so good it should be illegal. Hell, it might be soon, take advantage of it while you can.