3 Reasons Why West Hartford Makes Connecticut the Place to Be

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The state of Connecticut has it rough when it comes to getting attention. Sandwiched between the major metro areas of Boston and New York, Connecticut locales often get overlooked by people interested in an East Coast relocation. But that doesn’t mean the Constitution State doesn’t have a few hotspots of its own. Many small towns and cities that Connecticut has to offer are on nationwide lists for best destinations, and one consistently coming in near the top of those lists is the town of West Hartford. The small suburb may not leave the biggest imprint on Google maps, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a lot to offer. These are the reasons why West Hartford deserves your attention.

Superior Schools

In general, the state of Connecticut has some of one of the best school systems around, and West Hartford is no exception. What sets West Hartford apart, however, its schools are the cream of an already stellar crop. Where U.S. ranks Connecticut as having 14 gold medal schools, West Hartford alone has 2, making it the only city or town in the state to have more than on medal.  According to Money Magazine, Hartford is the 10th most educated town in the nation.

Housing Heaven

The overall housing market may have recovered in the US, but it’s still pretty volatile in many locations. Hartford has no such issue. The housing market has held strong and is continuing on a rise that’s slow and comfortable. Median home values average to $291,700 according to Zillow, which is higher than the national average, making investment in property a good one in Hartford. Also, anyone looking to become a home owner in Hartford is likely to end up in a modern house with few maintenance issues as 77% of all houses there were built after 1990.

Family Fabulous

One thing towns and small cities have going for them is that they tend to be great places to raise a family. In no place is that more true that West Hartford. Not only does it have the aforementioned high caliber schools, but it also has crime rates far below the national average. In addition, West Hartford residents enjoy stellar healthcare. There are 285 doctors within the city and 48 acute care facilities in and around the immediate area. Though the city has a population of 63,268 “boring” isn’t in its DNA. Its downtown center is a bustling hub packed with local shops, first-rate restaurants, and fun neighborhood pubs. There’s plenty to do, see, and chow down on in West Hartford, and – for anyone wanting a little more action –Boston and NYC are but a quick train ride away.