4 Great Things About Living in Nashua NH

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Boston is one of our nation’s most desirable destinations. And despite what rivals from that other, more-Yankees-affiliated East Coast city may say, there’s a lot to love about Beantown. Yet, for all of Boston’s appeal, it still suffers the same shortfalls as most major American cities: housing is expensive and the cost of living is high. For many, the commuter town is the solution to that problem. Places like Jersey City, Aurora, and Silver Spring are great spots to be for residents looking to take advantage of a proximity to New York City, Chicago, and D.C. respectively. In the Boston area, one such town is Nashua in nearby New Hampshire.

But Nashua is much more than a Boston commuter town. The city of 86,494 consistently tops lists for top American destinations, and is the only city to be ranked 1st on Money Magazine’s “Best Place to Live” list more than once. Clearly Nashuans are doing something right, and for anyone interested in moving to the area, it’s worth some serious consideration. These are the reasons why Nashua is the place to be.

A Foodie Paradise

It’s easy to assume major urban centers like New York or LA are the best locations for food, but you don’t need skyscrapers to be a hotspot for good grub. Plenty of towns and small cities across the nation are famous for their food, and Nashua is one of them. The Gate City is a quintessential dining destination with a convenient downtown center that offers a wide selection of options from renowned restaurants that are well known for exceptional dishes. Nashua prides itself on being able to provide an assortment of cuisines from around the world that run the gambit from the finest dining experiences to casual local favorites. Whether you’re craving filet mignon or pub burger, you’re sure to find it in downtown Nashua. 

Strong Economy

Commuter towns tend to depend on their big city relatives to survive, with a large portion of their populations traveling to larger counterparts for work everyday. Nashua’s close and convenient proximity to Boston certainly makes it a great launching point for anyone who wants or needs to spend time in the city, but is much more than that. Nashua is firmly within the Boston High Tech corridor, and a number of tech jobs are available within its own borders. Major companies include HP, Dell, Oracle, and BAE systems which have locations in Nashua, and help to contribute to a thriving economy and a healthy job market. Nashua also attracts customers and business alike because, compared to other locations in the Boston Metro area, Nashua lacks sales tax. Commuting to Boston is always an option, but it’s not a necessary one in Nashua.

Stable Housing Market

Though the US economy has rebounded, it’s still not without volatility, and these shifts and downturns have a considerable impact on local housing markets. In Nashua, however, residents are able to enjoy a healthy housing market that’s quite stable compared to nearby locations. The median home value in Nashua is $238,500, well above the national average according to Zillow, and continues to rise steadily. In fact, Nashuan home values stabilized back in 2012 when the nation was still very much in the throes of recession, and haven’t dropped since.

Renaissance Revolution

Unlike other bigger cities that are working hard to improve their image and manage difficult issues like urban blight and crime as they undergo revitalization efforts, Nashua is already in pretty good shape. The city’s crime rate is far below both the national and state average, and it doesn’t suffer from the socio-economic problems that continue to plague other cities such as a lack of affordable housing or an inability to attract businesses.  Nevertheless, Nashua continues to strive to improve itself to become even better. The recently revitalized and pedestrian friendly Nashua Riverwalk is already a popular destination, and the city has plans for a new 26 acre mixed commercial and residential development. It’s just one of many projects to expand on the city’s already considerable appeal which helps to make the city a rare treat: it manages to be both exciting and up and coming while already being firmly established. For Boston area residents, Nashua manages to offer the best of two worlds.