How to Avoid Injuries When You Move

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Moving furniture and boxes can lead to injury if you don’t know what you are doing. Relocating can be difficult enough and you definitely don’t want to add an injury to the equation. Here are a few tips to help you avoid injury when you move.

Slow Down 

When you’re packing, you may have a tendency to go as fast as you can. However, lifting slowly is the safest for you and your furniture. If you go too fast, you may damage a piece of furniture or worst cause injury to yourself, which would put a damper on your relocation progress.

Lift With Your Legs

This is one of the moving tips that you always want to keep in mind. Don’t lift with your back, since this can put a significant strain on your muscles and cause. Lifting with your legs will also keep you from getting exhausted quickly. To properly lift with your, legs spread your legs about hip width apart, bend your knee and keep your back straight before picking up a box, and use your leg muscles to lift.

Don’t Lift Over Your Head

Avoid lifting boxes over your head, no matter how light they are. Lifting boxes over your head puts a strain on your upper back and shoulders, that could cause an injury you may not notice until later in the moving process. Remember, you want to be in your best shape so you can get moved in as soon as possible.

Utilize Moving Equipment.

As with any job, having the right equipment makes can make the world of difference. When you are moving heavy items, it is much easier and much safer when know what tools you can use. Using dollies and carts to push heavy furniture around is much easier than carrying it, even over relatively short distances. You can also use moving straps to help you lift and maneuver heavy objects. Slipping the moving strap underneath a heavy object allows you to apply lifting force from the bottom of the object, or exert a tipping force to rotate the object.

Keep A First Aid Kit Handy

Even if you’re extremely careful, accidents can happen. Make sure you’ve got a first aid kit, filled with bandages, antiseptic cream and scissors near by in case the unexpected happens.

If moving seems daunting, consider hiring a reliable moving company that can help you pack your items safely and securely. It’s perfectly fine to ask for moving help, especially if the job is becoming too overwhelming. It may be one of the best moves you make while you’re in the process of getting into a new home.

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