Spotlight: Living (and Loving Living) in Silver Spring, Maryland

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Located only six miles from our nation’s capital, the suburb of Silver Spring Maryland is redefining just what a suburb can be. The community is well known for its multi-ethnic background, and is in fact one of the most diverse in the state. An easily walkable/bikeable trip downtown provides access to cuisine that is as varied as its population and including fabulous options ranging from: Ethiopian, Italian, Vietnamese, and Indian just to name a few. Silver Spring offers a booming economy, a competitive housing market, above average schools, and the best healthcare system in the state.

As a community that also places a premium on art, creativity, and civic engagement, residents are never short on events to take part in or a nightlife to enjoy (and a quick 20 minute jaunt on the Metro Red Line is all it takes to get to D.C. if it ever did). For these reasons and more, Silver Spring is a top choice for anyone interested in calling Maryland home.

Economic Stability

Anyone moving to Silver Spring won’t be short on employment opportunities. The unincorporated city has long been an economic powerhouse, dating back to 1950s when it became the 2nd busiest retail market in Maryland. In 1964 when the portion of the D.C. Beltway that ran through Silver Spring was completed, then Governor Tawes called it the “road of opportunity for Maryland and the nation.”

That tradition continues today, and, though Silver Spring’s close, easily commutable proximity to D.C. alone make it a much sought after destination, the area is a major commercial and retail hub in of itself. Silver Spring is home to many DC area corporations, businesses, and also remains a major retail center. Its Central Business District, just North of Washington, is home to more than 7 million square feet of office space. Silver Spring is also a media center and the headquarters of Discovery Communications, Radio One, and TV One.


Unlike other suburbs, Silver Spring residents don’t have to contend with endless sprawl, spread out spaces, and a lack of a city center. Silver Spring has a walkability score of 59, and is very approachable for anyone who wants to make do on foot. Even better, its transit score is 65 with the ranking of “good public transportation”. In short, residents have no issues getting around.

Though Silver Spring does offer quiet, cozy, and traditional suburban style neighborhoods for would be homeowners, its bustling centralized downtown area provides an urban environment for anyone looking to get out of the house (and out on the town). The Silver Spring Metro station is the busiest in the area, hosts over 60 thousand passengers a day, and is by far the fastest way to commute to DC during rush hour. Silver Spring also provides service for the Metrobus, Ride On, and the MARC Train.

Vibrant Culture

Silver Spring is far from a sleepy suburb. The community regularly plays host to festivals, concerts, and free, open-air civic events. The Silver Spring Jazz Festival is one of the largest events of the year, and draws of 20 thousand visitors. The regularly updated Silver Spring events website details everything from “Zumba on the Plaza”, Ethiopian poetry reading, the 2nd Annual Music Festival, Latin American Film Festival, Silver Spring Restaurant Week, Women’s Voices Theater Festival . . . and that’s just in the month of September.

Arts, entertainment, and food are all topics that are taken very seriously in Silver Spring. The community prides itself on its diverse range of restaurants from nationalities across the globe as well as its strong engagement with the visual and performing arts community. The area’s successful “Silver Sprung” campaign which focused on these positive features earned it much due national attention with Time Magazine commenting that Silver Spring was “enjoying a renaissance, a result of public involvement and private investment that is turning it into an arts and entertainment center.” The culmination of which was Downtown Silver Spring being awarded the Ruby Bruner Award for Urban Excellence. Silver Spring has also been featured both in the PBS documentary: The Story of an American Suburb and Next Stop: Silver Spring.


Silver Spring residents enjoy a higher than average median income of $72,466 and a higher median home value of $446,300 according to In addition, Silver Spring is ranked 1st out of the 24 Maryland Counties for health outcomes as well as 2nd in health factors, and 1st in health behaviors. Residents of Silver Spring have access to 66 acute care hospitals within 60 miles. The Silver Spring public school system also receives top marks.
As the fastest growing county in Maryland, most locations in Montgomery County are a fine place to call home. But Silver Spring, with its booming economy, convenient proximity to D.C., and it’s commitment to fostering a community of energetic inclusivity, entertainment, creativity make it the go-to hotspot for young professionals and families alike.