The Hot Housing Market Winter Round up

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It’s something realtors everywhere know to be true: when the temps cool off, so too do housing markets across the country. It could be the waning moods of the winter doldrums, the economic realities of tax season, or simply the fact that homes at open houses can feel more welcoming when the windows can whisk in a cool breeze, or when their front yards aren’t buried in snow. Whatever the case, there’s a marked decrease in home sales and purchases from December through March. But that doesn’t mean you should put off the pursuit if you’re in the market. Depending on where you are, it may even work to your advantage. These are the cities where the real estate market is bringing in enough heat to buck the cold weather trend.




Pittsburgh tends to make our lists around here a lot, and for good reason. The Steel City has to win the award for biggest renaissance no one’s heard of. After successfully shouldering the shuttering of its major factories throughout the 70s and 80s, the city has turned its economy around by doubling down on tech, entrepreneur start ups, and the medical industry. Pittsburgh’s aggressive, business friendly incentives, highly educated work force, and laughably low cost of living compared to other major cities has caused a surge of immigration to the city for young professionals and retirees alike. During the peak of the housing crisis, Pittsburgh’s median home value was hardly touched, and today rests at a low $106,000 making the price of admission to the Pittsburgh housing market much more attainable. And to anyone who thinks affordability is all well and good, but that they’re too good to live in Pittsburgh, we’re here to respectfully to you that you’re wrong. Big time.


Jersey City


Quick, show of hands of anyone who’d very much like to move to New Jersey who isn’t originally from there. Not a lot of hands up, we see. That’s okay. Jersey gets a bad rep, is the butt of roughly every joke on the East Coast, and was absolutely not helped by people with names like Jwoww or The Situation. Nevertheless, New Jersey is actually a great place to be because it has one of the strongest economies in the nation and the highest concentration of millionaires. A lot of that may be due to a seeping effect from New York City, but facts are facts: New Jersey is the place to be in if  you’re interested in real estate. In no location is that more true that Jersey City. The NYC adjacent establishment is located just across the Hudson and it’s currently booming. That’s in large part because New Yorkers tired of paying an arm and a leg for – well – everything, want life a little easier, and the commute is even less of a hassle than one from Brooklyn. Zillow says the housing market in Jersey city is “Very Hot” and who are we to disagree?


Kansas City


Kansas City has got to be one of the best features of the American Heartland, a laid back tour de force, one of Kansas’s best claims to fame, and it’s not even in Kansas. Kansas City, Missouri has got it going on, yet when the average American pictures it all they see is tumbleweed. One of the best ways to describe Kansas has got to be “recession proof”. The federal government is the largest employer in Kansas and there are more than 143 agencies headquartered there that keep the job market strong and stable. The city is also has a strong manufacturing and agriculture base. Also, there’s more than enough to do and see in KC which is, in all actuality an unironically referred to as the “Paris of the Plains”. Do you have any idea how awesome you have to be in the plains to be compared to Paris? It doesn’t come easy. A low cost of living and highly competitive housing market certainly help.




If you just can’t seem to shake the winter woes, and even a hot housing market isn’t enough to help, then we have the thing for you: you might need to go chasing after actual heat. And, if that sounds like a good idea to you, you might want to hit up Florida. Specifically, Tampa. Because Tampa offers the ocean salt watered, beach laying, mini umbrella cocktail drink atmosphere you’ve been looking for. Oh, and it also happens to have a hot housing market. Because our team is nothing if not diligent when it comes to your needs. People want to live in Tampa because it’s on the West Coast of Florida, maintains a strong economy filled with opportunities, and because it’s known for its festival rich environment earning it the “best place to live in your twenties” from Forbes and also the “Fifth most popular American City where people want to live”. That’s not bad for a place you never considered, eh?