What People Are Saying About Rent to Own

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Most people don’t glow the same way when they look at their mutual funds or deposit money in their IRA fund as they do when they buy a new home. Similarly, people don’t hang a photo of their parents or their kids on twenty shares of GE. Buying a home is a whole different type of investment. It’s a very personal investment, not only in your financial worth, but in yourself and your family–and an investment in your pride. A home is a roof over your head, a place to grow, and a sense of security.

Occasionally, someone from the hundreds of people we help find homes day in and day out will take a moment from their day to thank us. This is a great thing for us, not only because it helps us see that we’re making an impact in real people’s lives, but also for the simple fact that most people are busy. Sitting down to thank someone you’ve never met for doing their job right means something special happened (did you call up Apple to thank them for making the iPhone you bought? Maybe using that same iPhone, that you love?)

Here’s a couple that we got just the other day that we’d like to share with you. Bold emphasis is mine:

Stephanie S from Jennings, Montana writes:

Hello, I just wanted to inform you all that your site is a great tool for individuals in search of a home.  The fact that not only do the listings provide good contact information, but the information provided is accurate. Thank you again for doing what you promised, helping individuals find homes that will allow them to one day own them, and offering services to help clean up credit bloops. Have a great day!

L.W. from Rochester, New York adds: 

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to purchase a home. Your site helped me to do that! I am a first time-buyer and I had searched for a while on other sites to no avail!

[My new home] is a small two bedroom home but since it is my first house, I am satisfied! It is a good starter-house. There’s only my son and I, so 2 bedrooms is enough for us!
Thanks again, I will tell my friends who are searching for a home about
your site, I’m sure they will find a home like I did!

And finally, W. Thomas from the Paris of the Plains, Kansas City, Missouri: 

Within two days of signing up with them, we found exactly the home we wanted. There were lots of listings, easily searchable for the location where we wanted to live. The site was easy to navigate. Here’s the best part – when we had found the home we wanted and no longer needed the service, their customer support was wonderful, cancelling our membership quickly, easily, and in the friendliest way you can imagine. If we ever move again, we would use them again, and we recommend them to anyone wanting to find a new home in record time.

Did you have a great experience with Rent to Own that you’d like to discuss? Reach out to us, we would love to hear it!